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How Do You Know if You're Losing Hair from Stress?


Right off the bat, I want to tell you that losing 100 hairs a day is normal. It will grow back. If you are losing more than 300 hairs a day…well, that could be cause for concern.

Now, is stress causing your hair to fall out in great mass? The answer is... well, that depends. If you have lived through a stressful event in the last 2 months and you’ve noticed your hair is getting thinner, stress could be the culprit for your thinning hair.

Telogen effluvium is the technical term for this. In short, a stressful event can make it hard for your hair to remain healthy and it could eventually fall out. We always recommend to try and destress yourself through meditation, deep breathing, and exercise.

I do have some other remedies right here at Febron that will help you along in the meantime. Our Hair Building fibers are a cosmetic solution that can help you destress as a result of making your hair look fuller and thicker in seconds.

This way you won’t have to worry about your hair all the time. We put the safety and health of your hair first, so our fibers are made with 100% natural ingredients with zero chemicals.

I hope you have found this video to be helpful and I look forward to reading any questions you may have in the comments below. As always, please like the video and subscribe to our channel for the latest and greatest news and tips for your healthy head of hair. Until next time...

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