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Everything You Need to Know about Hair Fibers

Hi everyone, today I’ll be teaching you EVERYTHING you need to know about hair fibers, so let's jump right into it.

So question number 1 people ask us all the time:
Are hair fibers safe?

In order for hair fibers to be safe they have to have 2 main elements:

1. The fibers need to be extremely light weight in order not to clog the pores. Clogging pores is very dangerous and can lead to more hair loss.

2. Make sure the fibers are made with 100% natural ingredients to prevent side effects like Itchiness and scalp damage.

Are hair fibers permanent?

All hair fibers on the market are not permanent and will come off whenever you shampoo your hair. 

Are hair fibers noticeable?

High quality hair fibers should be completely undetectable, have a natural color that blends with your existing hair perfectly and most importantly they should not turn green or red in different lights. Many people don’t know that but you need to make sure it’s a consistent color throughout the entire day and in all lighting types.

A very important question people ask us all the time:

Are hair fibers bad for the scalp? Are they safe to use? Are they harmful?

SO the answer is yes and no!

So let me explain to you what I mean. Hair fibers can be bad for your scalp, and that’s why you HAVE to make sure it’s 100% natural ingredients, very very light weight and doesn't contain ammonium chloride.

Another question is, are hair fibers waterproof?

Despite what you’ve heard in the past, I can tell you, there is not even 1 hair fiber that is 100% waterproof. And the reason being that all hair  fibers don’t act well with humidity.

The best you can expect is that the fibers will be less sensitive to humidity than other fibers, and the way it happens is by being able to have no silica inside them.

Silica is the most important factor that can make your fibers look unnatural and get clumpy with water very quickly.

So make sure your fibers don’t contain silica in them, It’s very important.  

Can hair fibers cause hair loss?

Hair fibers can clog your pores and cause even more hair loss and that’s why it’s so important to make sure you choose  VERY light fibers. When hair fibers are lightweight, you eliminate the possibility of clogging your pores.

So, please make sure you understand it well.

A PRO TIP: You can put the fibers on a white paper and see how light they are by their thickness and patchiness. If they don’t look slim with a smooth silky texture, be warned, they may not work as well.

Can Hair Fibers Cause Lung Problems?

No, hair fibers cannot cause lung problems, but we do recommend you avoid inhaling them.

Can hair fibers get wet?

It’s not recommended to get the fibers wet because they don’t act well with humidity and can change their texture. Depending on the quality, some fibers will look horrible after getting wet and some will still look good even with water though can have a little change in texture.

But overall try to avoid water getting into your hair fibers.

Can hair fibers cause cancer?

The answer is NO, ABSOLUTELY NOT! In particular, if the hair fibers are 100% natural and organic then there is no risk of cancer.

Can fiber hair be dyed?

No, hair fibers come in shades built into the and you cannot change it.

Can you take hair fibers on a plane?

Yes you can. Hair Fibers is  a non-aerosol container and you can take it on a plane.

Can we use hair fiber daily?

Yes, in fact most people use hair fibers on a daily basis because let's admit it, no one wants to be seen with a full head of hair and bald the next day :)
There are some who use hair fibers just for special occasions.

Can you use hair fibers with Rogaine?

Yes you can definitely use hair fibers along with Rogaine, just make sure your hair is completely dry before you apply the fibers on top of Rogaine. 

Do hair fibers work? Do they look natural?

YES, Hair fibers work amazingly well to hide bald spots and thinning areas. 

High quality fibers should look very natural on your hair.
Hair fibers won’t work if you’re completely bald and have no hair to attach to.

Do hair fibers wash off?

Yes, hair fibers wash out easily with shampoo.

Do hair fibers look natural?

Hair fibers are made to mimic your hair and blend with it. Using super light fibers will help blend them in with your hair and stay on.

Does hair fiber expire?

Hair Fibers have a shelf life of about two to three years from the moment you open the bottle. From the moment you open it, please make sure you store it in a dry place so it won’t ruin the fibers.

Do hair fibers grow hair?

No absolutely not. Hair fibers won’t grow you any hair, no matter what they may tell you.

That’s it for today.

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