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Why Does My Hair Get So Oily / Greasy So Fast?


Today I’m going to give you 4 possible reasons why your hair gets oily so fast as well as the solutions, so make sure to stay until the end of this blog to grab all the knowledge you need!

First, you have to be aware of your daily habits that might cause an increase in oil production.

You need to identify one of the causes of this problem. Think about when this issue started...has this been a lifetime problem? Or has there been a new change due to a modification in your daily routine?

1- The first reason for oily hair is overusing hair styling products. In case you are addicted to hair styling products, you might need to ease off because too many styling products such as: Hair gel, Hair wax and Hair mousse can obstruct your scalp leading to an abundance of oil production on the scalp itself.

2- The second reason for oily hair is washing your hair too often. I know that it's the first thing that would come to your mind, but washing your hair every day can be damaging by taking away all of your hair's characteristic oils, making your scalp then overproduce oil.

3- The third reason for oily hair is touching and/or brushing your hair often. Brushing your hair excessively increases the oily appearance because every time you brush your hair you are spreading all of the nutrients that are on your scalp to all of your hair.

When you touch your hair you are transporting all the bacteria, dust and sweat you have in your hands to your hair.

4- The fourth and last reason is not rinsing out all of the conditioner. If you use conditioner in your hair routine you need to rinse all of it out because the build up of leftover conditioner in your hair may cause an oily look.

Now, if you are suffering from one of the four causes, here are solutions you can benefit from:

1- If you are suffering from oily hair due to overusing hair styling products you might ease off the hairspray, hair gel, hair wax and hair mousse.

You can try applying the products a little less frequently or use the sprays at a greater distance.

2- If you are suffering from oily hair as a result of over washing your hair, we recommend you to wash your hair with shampoo only one time per shower. You can try washing your hair alternating the days.

Also, you can switch hair washes to dry shampoo so you help eliminate the oily appearance.

3- If you are suffering from oily hair because of brushing your hair so often... try to brush your hair starting from the very end and finishing in the middle making sure you don't touch your scalp and then using a wide tooth comb to style the crown and front part of your hair.

As well as, if you touch your hair excessively you wanna make sure you wash your hands right before touching it and try to avoid touching the frontal region of your scalp or the places where the oil is more abundant.

4- If you are suffering from oily hair due to not rinsing out all the conditioner...simply make sure that all of the conditioner is completely rinsed out of your hair.

Try applying conditioner only to the lower half of your hair. Also, a good way to measure how much conditioner you need is using one or two teaspoons of conditioner, depending on the thickness and length of your hair.

Now that you stayed till the end you have the knowledge you need to identify the cause and the solutions to keep your hair luscious and oil-free.

If you want more content or have any questions please leave them on the comments, so we can make more blogs like this one for you.

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