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How to Add Volume to Thin Hair

add volume to hair

How to Care for Thin Hair

Caring for thin hair begins with proper washing and styling. Thin hair is fragile hair. When washing, it is necessary to carefully lather the shampoo in the root zone, and then distribute the foam along the length of the hair with smoothing movements. After that, be sure to use a conditioner or balm. This step is often ignored, as there is a myth that conditioners overload thin hair, which, by the way, is not true. Today there are special lines for the care of weakened hair, which are created taking into account the specifics of the hair texture.

Brushing is an important step in working with thin hair. First, dry your hair with a towel or hair dryer. It is recommended to start combing from the ends, which will preserve the quality of the hair and not damage the hair follicles. It also makes combing easier and prevents tangling.

In styling, it is important to use products designed specifically for thin, dry and weak hair. As a rule, they have a movable fixation and are aimed at thickening the structure and maintaining hair volume. When blow-drying, use a medium heat temperature and dry your hair gradually, it will take a little longer, but it will keep you healthy.

Is it true that thin and weak hair should be washed less often?

This is irrelevant and does not depend on the structure of the hair. It is necessary to wash your hair as it gets dirty (this is the recommendation of 

trichologists). However, the question is quite logical, because those with thin hair are forced to wash their hair even more often, since the next day the volume and feeling of cleanliness of the hair are lost.

Make sure that the shampoos and conditioners you choose are designed for daily use, and also meet all the needs of your hair - colored or not, thin or thick, light or dark, whether it needs UV protection or not, and so on.

How to Choose a Product for Hair Volume

Almost all hair volume products are aimed at increasing the diameter of the hair, rather than creating the root volume that many clients expect. Of course, using only one shampoo for volume, unfortunately, contrary to television advertising, it is impossible to achieve the desired volume or somehow affect the hair structure.

It is better if the composition of the sealants contains such useful components as amino acids, betaine, B vitamins, keratin, coenzyme Q10, sugar extracts, niacinamide, caffeine and panthenol. All these elements are aimed at prolonged action: the components penetrate deep into the hair structure, and also envelop them on the surface, which allows increasing the volume of each hair and strengthening their structure more and more with constant use of the products.

How to Style Thin Hair

There are many ways to create volume for thin hair. For this, products that have a sealing property and at the same time do not have a negative cumulative effect, that is, they are washed off the hair and scalp at the first wash, are ideal. It is good for the composition of the products to include a complex of lightweight polymers and moisturizing and conditioning components that help maintain the quality of hair. Also, of course, thermal protection and UV filters are needed in the composition.

Back brushing is a good way to lift hair, but you need to be very careful as it can damage fragile hair. Dry shampoos are also a good option, as they absorb sebum well and give volume. But here again, caution is needed, excessive and regular application of this product to the scalp can worsen its condition, which will lead to weakening of new hair.

When drying hair, apply a volumizer to damp hair, and then use a brush to dry hair perpendicular to hair growth or simply tilt your head down. Dry the root area well, then finish off the ends of the hair with a round brush or tongs.

If you still have not achieved the perfect result with a haircut, you can use a hair fiber. Febron Hair Building Fibers, blend with your existing hair strands to instantly create the appearance of naturally thick, full hair. Febron works for all hair types and textures. Also great for part lines, covering extension tracks and touching up roots between hair color appointments. Easily washes out with shampoo.


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