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How Does Hair Loss Happen to Men? - By Febron


We hear a lot about hair loss these days, including treatments and possible ways to avoid it, but when it really comes down to it, the best way to solve a problem is to learn about it. So, today we’re going to get to the very root of the subject, pun intended, to what causes hair loss in men. 

Today we’re going to talk about how and why exactly hair loss happens for men. The majority of men who experience hair loss, can put the blame on one factor: Heredity. 

Androgenetic Alopecia or as it is more commonly called Male Pattern Baldness is a hereditary condition that is stated to be the leading cause, by far, of hair loss in men. 

This in an inherited trait that gives men that typical thinning crown and receding hairline which is caused by a genetic sensitivity to a byproduct of testosterone called dihydrotestosterone or DHT.

DHT causes hair follicles that are sensitive to the condition to shrink over time, and as the follicles shrink, the life span of each hair becomes shorter. Finally, the follicle stops producing hair entirely. 

While this is the leading cause of hair loss in men, there are other culprits. Telogen effluvium is a byproduct of a stressful event, such as an accident, illness, surgery, drastic weight loss or high levels of personal stress. Usually with this condition hair will grow back from anywhere between 2 to 6 months. 

Alopecia Areata. This is a condition that causes your body’s immune system to attack healthy hair follicles mistakenly, which leads to hair loss, not only on your head but all over your body, but hair growth after this condition is possible. 

Nutritional deficiency is a cause of hair loss as well. Lack of adequate levels of iron, protein and vitamin D, as well as a well balanced diet is so important to keeping your hair healthy. 

There are of course medications that can cause baldness, usually only while taking the medication. Make sure to consult your doctor about hair loss when you are prescribed: 

Acne medications, immunosuppressants, anti fungal medications, ace inhibitors, cholesterol blockers, and chemotherapy drugs. 

So, there are many causes of hair loss in men, but also there is hope.
Focusing on destressing your life, exercising, meditating, deep breathing exercises and talking to a therapist can all help.
Bu, what if your hair loss is what is causing your stress? Well, we can help. We offer a cosmetic solution that can help you destress while looking for solutions for regrowth. 

We put the safety and health of your hair first, so our fibers are made with 100% natural ingredients with zero chemicals, and are the lightest fibers ever made so they cannot clog your pores no matter how much you apply. 
Using Febron will allow you to focus less on your appearance and more on solutions to help your hair loss. 

We also offers some incredible vitamins that will give you stronger healthier follicles as well as our DHT Blocker vitamins to fight dihydrotestosterone.

 Until next time…stay strong, stay confident, and stay cool. 

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