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Can Stress Make You Lose Hair Permanently?

Have you ever wondered if stress can make you lose your hair permanently? I think the answer might surprise you. I’ll answer that question and much more about your hair health...right now.

So the question of the day is...can stress make you lose hair permanently? The answer simply put is...probably not. HOWEVER,  if the stress that caused you to lose your hair in the first place continues, your hair growth might be stunted or in the worst case scenario, never come back.

These stressors can cause telogen effluvium. Check out our other video called “How Hair Loss Happens to Men”  to learn about telogen effluvium in great detail but for now I’ll summarize. Telogen Effluvium occurs when your hair falls out from a stressful experience. This could be an illness, surgery, traumatic accident, drastic weight loss and the list goes on. 

It is important to find the new stressors in your life and work on resolving these issues. We have found over and over again that meditation, deep breathing, and physical exercise helps to relieve stress. If you start to worry about losing your hair, it’s an endless cycle because worrying causes stress. In this case, I always recommend that our customers try out our Febron fibers.

We offer a cosmetic solution that can help you destress. We put the safety and health of your hair first, so our fibers are made with 100% natural ingredients with zero chemicals, and are the lightest fibers ever made so they cannot clog your pores no matter how much you apply. 

To learn more about it click below: 
Febron hair fibers

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