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7 Reasons for Hair Loss and How You Can Stop it

7 Reasons Of Hair Loss

Everything in our body is interconnected. And if your hair began to fall out, you need to find the underlying reason.

1. Strict diets


A sharp decrease in weight in a short time is a big load on the body, which leads to a decrease in immunity. And this is the reason for hair loss. If colds and infectious diseases are added, then it is even more difficult for the body to restore itself.

What to do?

Instead of strict diets, make sure you are getting plenty of diverse nutrients and engage in regular physical activity, which will benefit your overall health.

2. Chronic stress


Chronic stress can cause hair loss as it affects blood circulation in the scalp. But usually, hair loss from stress recovers quickly.

What to do?

Do not forget about good rest, find your own way of relaxation. And if emotional problems don't go away on their own, see a professional psychologist.

3. Improper hair care


Inappropriate hair products, frequent use of hair dryers, curling irons and irons can exacerbate an existing problem and physically damage the hair.

What to do?

Try to limit the use of hair dryers, curling irons, and chemicals, and consult with a professional what care and styling products are right for you. By the way, despite many talks about the dangers of SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate), its effect on hair loss has not been proven. On the contrary, modern research insists that sulfates are not involved in hair loss.

4. Medicines


Some high blood pressure medications, antidepressants, etc. have a side effect that causes hair loss. After taking the drugs, the hairline is restored, but you cannot interrupt the course of treatment yourself.

What to do?

See your doctor for advice.

5. Avitaminosis


The cause of hair loss can be hidden in micronutrient and vitamin deficiencies. It is especially important to restore the deficiency of vitamin C, which helps to absorb iron and stimulates the production of collagen (it strengthens the capillaries that nourish the hair). Also, with a deficiency of vitamin B, hair becomes brittle and brittle. Vitamin B is abundant in whole grains, eggs, yeast, and liver.

What to do?

Include foods rich in vitamins C, B, and other beneficial micronutrients. Also, after consulting with a therapist, purchase a complex of vitamins.

6. Temperature change


A sudden change in temperature can be one of the factors in hair loss. Winter hypothermia and exposure to ultraviolet radiation in the summer thin hair.

What to do?

Wear a hat depending on the season. Cover your hair if you go to the sauna.

7. Hereditary-pattern baldness


The most common factor in hair loss is heredity. The baldness gene can be inherited from both the maternal and paternal lines.

What to do?

If your parents had a problem with baldness, then most likely it will affect you too. Reduce your risk factor by adhering to preventive measures (good nutrition, healthy lifestyle). Be sure to carry out preventive examinations and follow the recommendations of doctors.

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