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Suffering from Hair Loss at a Young Age

Hair thinning is the most common problem that current lifestyle and diet have
raised in today’s time. There are many other reasons for hair loss to occur at various ages.

A change in the hormones, improper diet, tension, damaging hair habits, and genes are the primary reasons of hair thinning. Other reasons are medical situations, poor health, and cosmetic treatments like bleaching, straightening and/or perming.

Many people believe that hair loss is a problem that principally affects
older people. This belief is true to an extent since hair growth slows with age.
However, thinning hair and excessive hair fall can happen to men and women
of any age.

hair loss

Issues such as thinning hair, hair loss, and such can influence people even in their early twenties. The thought of hair loss is discouraging enough as we grow old. Facing this issue at a young age worsens the nightmare. The irony is that no matter how much we hate it, hair loss can occur at any age.

Around 40% of men may experience considerable hair loss as they reach 35 years of age. The same percentage goes for women by the age of 40 years. Hair loss is an issue that needs to be handled at the earliest. However, hair problems can be dealt with more easily if detected at early stages.

The solutions to this problem are also as vast in range as
the reason behind it. Sometimes the solution is as simple
as changing your diet. On other occasions, you may need
some more elaborate treatment. In any case, it’s like any
other issue; identify the reason to get the correct treatment.

First Things First

The first step towards getting treated for your hair loss is
being aware of your health and your hair culture.

You need to take note of the amount of hair falling out during brushing.
The same goes for the hair falling out while you sleep. It’s normal for an
average human to lose around 100 hairs on a daily basis. The difference
is in the hair growth. It’s not the hair fall that matters much; it’s how well
you can grow your hair back. The key is to look for the visual cues.

In the case of men, hair thinning is a gradual process that generally begins
at hairline and crown.

On the other hand, women will notice early signs of hair thinning along their
part, as this region tends to get wider with thinning hair. The scalp also tends
to be more visible when they pull their hair back.

Shocked woman making a face because losing hair on hairbrush isolated on white background

And then there are other signs such as irritating scalp with dry or flaky skin, reddening of the skin, or small bald patches on the scalp. The wise thing to do would be to consult a doctor without any delay so that your condition can be assessed at the earliest. This kind of hair loss can sometimes be due to some allergic reaction.

These signs must not be taken lightly, particularly at a young age. But keep in mind you need to work on it, not keep worrying about it, worrying won’t help, rather the stress can further accelerate the issue.

Hair loss can cause a toll on an emotional level, and it can
also affect self-confidence to a great extent, but all hope is
not lost if the underlying reason is detected on time.

Some Myths

Over Shampooing triggers hair loss: No, sir. Natural hair fall is most
visible when we see hair collectively. The wet environment of the bathroom
makes one feel as if the hair loss is more.

Wearing a hat increases hair loss.
This is our favorite myth and by far the quickest hat remover. But don't worry, wearing a hat does not contribute to hair loss.

Some Facts

Hair loss is hereditary. There is a condition known as androgenetic alopecia.
It causes receding hairline and balding crown among men and wide parting in women.

High testosterone levels also cause hair loss. We should have included it in the somewhattrue category. However, it is true to some extent, so, we will keep this fact here.

The Various Reasons

  • Hereditary
  • Poor Nutrition
  • Hormones
  • Stress
  • Illness
  • Medications (particularly birth control medications for women)

How Can Febron Help?

Febron hair loss concealing fibers are available in 9 colors, ranging from
natural black to light blonde. You can also blend colors to create a hair color
of your choice. The bald spot concealing fibers start showing their effect within
30 seconds of their application. It’s hair in a shaker!

Hair Fibers Use

Febron is an all natural formula that contains natural colored keratin, the hair building protein. The concealing fibers merge untraceably with your natural hair. This makes your scalp look denser and your head looks full of healthy hair. Thanks to a very strong static electricity, the fibers hold on to the strands of your existing hair firmly. The static charge creates a bond strong enough survive sweat, wind, and rain.

Being made from natural keratin, Febron concealing fibers are absolutely hypoallergenic. Therefore, they do not cause any discomfort or harm to your skin.And the best part is the ease with which you can remove them.
Just use your regular shampoo and wash them anytime you want.
Things just don’t get easier than this!!

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