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Does Hair Loss Due to Stress Grow Back? Mmm...🤔


Have you ever noticed that your hair is thinner after experiencing something stressful? You’re not crazy: this happens to everyone. So, does hair grow back after you lose it to a stressful event?


Does hair loss due to stress grow back? The answer simply put is yes. Hair loss caused by anxiety or stress is usually only temporary. Once your stress levels return to normal from whatever caused them, there is a good chance your hair will grow back.


I highly recommend you destress yourself. Here are some examples of things that have been proven to help with that. Try out some activities on a regular basis like meditation or yoga. Physical activity where one must focus on breathing like in Yoga has been proven to reduce stress.


There are even supplements you can take for relaxation. Supplements such as magnesium, theanine, kava kava and valerian root are great for calming down. If you don’t reduce or eradicate stress from your life that is causing hair loss, it will probably never grow back.


Many of our customers will use our Febron fibers to make their hair look fuller and as a result it makes them way more relaxed which allows them to destress, making their hair grow back again. We see this over and over again so I highly recommend you to try that. Good luck, and let us know how it works out for you!



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