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The All-Time Best Haircuts for Women with Thin Hair

The density of hair is a genetic lottery.  Owners of thin hair often do not know how to help themselves in this case and sometimes look to find the best haircut and hairstyle option, with which you can create the illusion of at least minimal volume. Do not rush to despair, there is a way out, and we will tell you about it right now. Choosing the right haircut, you can successfully emphasize the image as a whole and create a voluminous hairstyle that is ideal for you.

Because of fragility and softness, thin hair very weakly holds volume.f. Styling on this type of hair can only last if it was previously fixed with a ton of products with an "iron" level of fixation. But in this case, the already thin hair will become even thinner when all the products are washed out. Where is the way out of the vicious circle?

The main thing you could do is to find a master who knows how to work with thin hair. Good haircuts will help transform your overall look and give confidence!

Correct cut

The salvation for thin hair will be hair of medium and short length. Want more volume? Give preference to shorter haircuts, as they visually look much more voluminous and thicker. Long hair is the worst option of all possible, due to the severity of the hairstyle will fall down an unbearable burden, which in this case is unacceptable.

Optimal Length

Whichever length you choose, the task of a good hairdresser is an even edge cut, and no work with thinning scissors. Exceptionally tight cuts without fine strands and hairs that will make your hairstyle even thinner. Try to give preference to any haircuts of medium length, the best option is not below the shoulders.

Physically, long hair is heavier, and sparseness does not become a saving factor here. The root volume at this length is practically absent, and for thin hair this is critical. Such a minus can be easily corrected with the help of proper styling and high-quality styling products, but this will have to spend time not only after each shampooing, but also before going to events. If you have the time and money for this, the choice of the length is yours, if not, then it makes sense to shorten the length.

For those who did not dare to sacrifice the length, we can offer the best options for haircuts for thin hair that will help create a voluminous hairstyle and save your look.

Layered haircuts

In the first place, of course, you can put multi-layer options for haircuts. To create them, hairdressers make cuts regularly changing the angle and tension of the strand. This is how you can add volume to your hair regardless of length. The visual effect of volume is created by strands of different lengths, which "hover" over each other.

Multi-layered haircuts will allow owners of thin hair to choose several hairstyles, each of which will look great without the effect of weighting, with minimal time spent on styling.

 Any hairstyle with curls also help add airiness and lightness to your hair.

Graduated bob

Graduated bob

Another good option is a graduated bob. Drying it with a brush (large round comb) and fluffing it up a bit will quickly and easily create a playful look with a light hairstyle.

To make the perfect multi-layered haircut, it is important to observe one condition - to find a good master and a real professional in his field. The technique of execution is rather complicated; in this case, you cannot save on a trip to the salon.

Classic bob

Classic bob

A characteristic feature of the classic bob haircut is an even cut and length slightly below the shoulders. The best option for sparse hair is a leg square and an elongated square.

Recently, a variation of a multi-layered square has been gaining momentum. Thanks to strands of different lengths, the hair is easy to style, while the hairstyle retains its airiness and clarity of shape.

Elongated bob

Elongated bob

 An extension bob has several advantages over other haircuts at once:

- creates volume on any hair;

- suitable for everyone, regardless of the type of face and hair structure;

- makes the look stylish and refreshes the face.

Transitions and stepped strands make the hairstyle voluminous and airy, which is the main task for thin hair.


Aurora hairstyle

A characteristic feature of the Aurora haircut is the elongated strands at the back of the head and shorter ones at the crown. Layer transitions are clear and sharp, the crown remains voluminous. The goal of a good hairdresser is to create a "beanie" and use thinning scissors along the entire length to emphasize the contrast with the crown.


Having given preference to such an extravagant look, you will have to sacrifice the length of the hair, leaving the length only on the bangs. Despite the minimum length, you can create different looks at least every day, different styling methods and styling products will help with this.

Pixie hair

If you still have not achieved the perfect result with a haircut, you can use a hair fiber. Febron Hair Building Fibers, blend with your existing hair strands to instantly create the appearance of naturally thick, full hair. Febron works for all hair types and textures. Also great for part lines, covering extension tracks and touching up roots between hair color appointments. Easily washes out with shampoo.

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