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Febron Spray Applicator
Febron Spray Applicator


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Febron Spray Applicator

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Febron Spray Applicator  enables precise application of Hair Fibers into focused areas.

  • Trusted by Doctors and Actors & Over 6.1 Million Customers
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee 
  • Have a Question? Call us at: 1-888-882-6995


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How it works ?



The Febron Spray Applicator is a patented tool that attaches to Febron sample and full bottles and allows for a more precise application.


Allows you to easily target and spray Hair Fibers into specific areas.


"Febron is the quick and easy solution for hair loss."

I’m Dr. Andrei Milanie and I strongly recommend Febron. I don’t only recommend it to my patients, I'm also a client.

From: Andrei

"Febron is AMAZING! It looks so much natural than any other fibers I used in the past."

As a young woman having alopecia was embarrassing, I didn’t wanna go anywhere and show my hair. I was wearing wigs and doing anything to hide my hair.But everything changed when I found Febron. I felt I could go out and show my hair and look at it , it looks great. You can’t even tell that I’ve had any hair loss.

From: Julia. (US)

"Febron is the best thing I have ever used."

 As a Hollywood actor it’s extremely important that I look good in front of the camera at all times.

One of the secrets is what I found out backstage in one of my recent productions. Everyone was using Febron. And while I started to notice my hair was thinning, I decided I’ll give it a shot too. I found out that Hollywood's secret really is Febron.

From: Marley

"I can’t recommend it enough, Febron is just an amazing solution. I highly recommend it."

I’ve always been a confident guy, but I noticed that I started losing my hair. I have to say that I’ve tried a lot of products on my hair but nothing really worked. Then I found Febron. It has literally changed my life, and works in 30 seconds. If it can work for me, it can work for you too.

From: Allen



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Febron Spray Applicator
Febron Spray Applicator

Febron Spray Applicator

Febron Spray Applicator